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My final project will be in between Photovoice and Video Project. Photos will be collected from at least 5 potential volunteer participants about the diversity and social justice problems that be seen in their personal lives weekly. The questions for the participants will be where and when these issues/phenomenons happened, what are these issues/phenomenons, why they are issues or why they happened, how the participants acted to these issues/phenomenons. These at least 5 potential volunteers all have quite different lives. By analyzing their life moments, the differences and similarities could be found out among different classes, races, gender, age and so on. After several rounds of picture collecting, an online or phone or massage or in-person interview will be given and talk deeper about their feeling of these issues/phenomenons around them.

Background of potential volunteer participants:

  1. My previous supervisor, she is a black single young woman who just graduated from her undergrads about 2 years with 1-year working experience. She is working for American Red Cross with okay pay but still sometimes struggling with money problems. As a few of black paid-role in Red Cross, as a non-profit organization, she can see black individuals didn’t be given enough opportunities to develop their careers.
  2. One of my best friends, previous co-worker, a white young man from a middle-class family. He just graduated from his undergrad and looking for applying graduate schools because he definitely thinks undergrad degree is not enough for his future. There are many reasons that he didn’t apply for graduate school right after his undergrads. But one of the reason is tuition, so he planned to work for several years first to get some more money and considered as working class right now. This summer, I took him to China about a month. That period of visiting time changed his worldviews about diversity and global world.
  3. My mentor from School of Social work, a Chinese woman. She got married to a white man and their first baby is on the way. She went back to school after ten-year working, now she already finished her first graduate degree of social work and working on another degree in public health. As a Chinese woman who is living in a white family, it gave her difference from Chinese people who just need to deal with Chinese families and gave her some different worldview to really see the issues from other races.
  4. My godmother’s(kinda, a Chines relationship like godmother, but not godmother) son in law. As a first generation immigration, after he got his Ph.d. degree found by Ford Motor in the University of Michigan. He worked for General Motors about two years. Now, he is working for Michigan State University as an associate professor in the department of mechanical engneering. He is one of the successful survivors in the international student community and be considered as a upper-middle class immigration now.
  5. One of my friend who is a first-year graduate student in the school of engineering as Industrial & Operations Engineering in the Univerisity of Michigan. He just graduated from Purdue Univerisity and have more American-knowledge background than many other international graduate students. As an engineering student, he is not too secretive in diversity and social justice, however, by looking around in his school, there are definitely issues of diversity, such as there are more than 40% Chinese students in some engineering majors, not too many black students in his school, etc.
  6. Another of my friend, who just come to America for her undergrad. She knew few things about the U.S. before she came here. Many issues and phenomenons are supervised for her. There are so many issues she is worried about herself, such as safety issue as a girl. All her seen are formatting her worldview as a young girl who just left her parents and stays in American by her own.

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  1. Very nice! Is there a particular topic they will be talking about? What direction will you give them if any? What will be the theoretical framework you use for analysis? I look forward to you flushing this out further and your final project, which I’m sure will be great.

  2. Hi Lin! I really like that you are planning to take your photovoice project to another level by completing interviews with the people who submit photos. I think that will add a lot of depth to your project. Are you planning to incorporate the photos and interviews into a video? It’s great that you have a diverse group of participants and I think it will be really interesting to see how problems of diversity and social justice in their lives are similar and/or different. I am excited to see how this project turns out!

  3. Hi Lin,

    I too am intending to do a Photovoice project as well and love that you are being proactive and already have participants in mind. I want to know how you decided to select that diverse range of participants? As I too will be determining who to invite, I have been weighing how I should select my participants. Is their diversity the driving factor as to why you chose them? Do you have any suggestions for a fellow peer who is engaging in the same type of project? I want to avoid any biases I may have when selecting participants, while also having a diverse spread. Great idea overall, I look forward to seeing the final product!

  4. Hey Lin,
    This seems like it is a going to be a great project. I think the photovoice project is such a cool and interesting way to go about presenting your project. I personally have not seen a photovoice project before so I am exited to see your finished product. I think it is great that you are using such a diverse group of people for your project. I interested to see the differences and similarities between your volunteers. Can’t wait to see the end result!

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