Final Project — Z.L.

Z.L.’s pictures and descriptions are here, and my analysis is down below the photos.

Z.L: The last participant is the son in law of my godmother. As a first generation immigration, after he got his master and Ph.d. Degrees found by Ford Motor at the University of Michigan He worked for General Motors about two years. Now, he is working for Michigan State University as an associate professor in the department of mechanical engineering. He is one of the successful survivors in the international student community and is considered as an upper-class immigration now. His achievement and his professor title made me very excited about his works.

His photos are focused on the diversity in other countries and his field as an engineering professor.

Australia is an immigration country. Sydney is one of the most famous tourist attraction in the world. However, from the picture, you can almost see no black man or woman walk on the street in the city of Sydney, no matter immigrations or tourists. Most of the people you can see from the pictures are either Chinese tourists, white tourist, or white residents. It must be some reason that Z.L. didn’t know and blocked the black people and other races come to Australia.

As a professor, the most people Z.L. deals with are students and scholars. No matter in the U.S. or other countries, Z.L. found out most of the students and scholars are either white people or Asian people. The black and other races are hard to see in the schools of engineering. Few black student could be found in the classrooms and conferences, especially for the higher education, such as master and Ph.D. programs.