Final Project — L.Z.

Here are L.Z.’s pictures and descriptions, and my analysis is down below the pictures.

L.Z.: The third participant is my mentor from School of Social work, a Chinese woman. She graduated from an excellent Chinese university, Fudan Univerisity, many years ago. She got married to a white man, and their first baby is on the way. She went back to school after ten-year working, now she already finished her first graduate degree in social work and working on another degree in public health. As a Chinese woman who is living in a white family, it gave her difference from Chinese people who just need to deal with Chinese families and gave her some different worldview to really see the issues from other races. I got many suggestions from her, as my mentor. It is fascinating to see her interaction with this project.

L.Z.’s photos are more related to the racial diversity in the U.S. and show her view as a new Chinese American immigration.

Marriage is the quickest cultural mixture for a family and a country. Because of love, two people who lived in two “worlds” find each other and decide to spend their life with the other. It definitely shows culture is not an excuse for anyone to dislike or against others, because of cultures or races.


After marriage, there will be a genetic mixture of different-race marriage. The babies are the succeed of love and peaceful culture mix. We can’t change who we were in the past, but we can change who we will be in there future. The baby is a part of our future, and they are the representatives of the next generation who help different cultures to understand the others.

This is a great photo to show globalization. We are all humans, and there should be no significant gaps between each other. Because of love, we got together and made a stronger world. Globalization gives our more opportunity to know each other and learns from each other. Every culture has their own valuable part. Learning from others usually makes us more sensible on decision making.

Legal issues are most likely the most significant problems for the immigration in the U.S. As an immigration country, America had too many historical problems, and the new issues are keep coming out. Should or could these immigrations have their rights to decide their own lives? Who should have the power to determine these immigrations’ lives? How should the government solve these issues? During these years, these problems become more and more terrible and almost out of control. What is the right next step to go?