Final Project — K.I.

Here are the pictures and descriptions from K.I., and my analysis is down below the pictures. K.I.’s pictures are found on the internet.

K.I.: The first participant who was asked to join this project is my supervisor from my previous internship. I worked with her more than one year, and we have a good relationship. she is a black single young girl who just graduated from her undergrad sociology program about two and half years with two-year working experience. She is working for American Red Cross with okay pay but still sometimes struggling with money problems as she mentioned before. As a few of black paid-role in Red Cross, which is a non-profit organization, she can see black individuals didn’t be given enough opportunities to develop their careers in the field.

K.I. identify herself as an Igbo African American a woman.  Her photovoice is centered on the social injustice around her life.

From this picture, we can notice that it shows a black girl who is work really hard. So many documents are around her and she has to answer the phone while she is looking at some documents. We can see the documents from the table, but we cannot how many more files on her computer. From K.I.’s comment, we can see the employers are not considering people lives as a matter and the only point is to get the job down. It is even in a non-profit organization. When K.I. transferred to her new position, which is totally not related to the previous work, she got no job training at all. She had to start everything from the scratch and she has to make everything done as the director asked. It took a long time for her to put everything together and keep everything in the fluent. Nowadays. many workplaces use their female employees as men and use their male employees as robots. The lack of personal care for employees made more and more employees feel agitated and more and more employees got mental health problems.

This picture showed a black woman burned a car and left chicly. There are many obsolete and wrong ideas in peoples mind, such as all women can cook; all black people run fast; all latino sell drugs. K.I. mentioned here, as a black woman, she was viewed as angry very often into relationships and in the office, even though she didn’t mean that. 


This is a picture that showed two different community styles and this two communities are just next to each other. The guilt K.I mentioned is kind of privilege as a middle class. Everyone is taking benefits of their own privileges. Because of these privileges, we live better than some of the others. However, when we think about equality and equity, there are so many social injustices that live in poverty or other major issues.

With fashion buildings as background, his picture showed a man is eating a money-topped pizza and many of the toppings are wasted and other people are trying to get the wasted parts. As K.I. mentioned there are too many corporations and departments are taking money away from people and spend on their own interests without really thinking about their customers. I already lived in the U.S. about 5 years. There are many wastes that I saw. Every year, the schools told the students, their budgets are tight for this and that programs. However, the lights and air-conditions are never turned off in the whole buildings, even only a few people are some rooms or even no people are in the building. It is literally wasting students’ money and this money could be used to much better programs.

This picture showed a very thin boy squats on the ground with no cloth on. As K.I. mentioned, we are living in a nice society with enough resources for our own. However, outside of our countries, there are so many people who are still living with nothing, such as those people who are living in the third world countries. The money we spend on a meal in a nice restaurant could help them survive for several months. Sometimes, help others is just so simple and cost just little from people, but we always figure them because we don’t see them in front of us every day. Sympathy is usually used by people to feel sorry when we hear the issue of these third world people, however, we hardly use empathy to simulate the life on our own, so we never really understood those people who are living in the hot water.

Decades ago, because of the KKK infiltration, policemen killed many black people; decades later, the same thing is still happening in the U.S. Policemen should be the people who hold the power of justice and help people who need help. However, because of the social environment, they only represent power to some others with no justice. It is defintly a misuse of authority.

The rich gay in the picture hold five umbrellas in the rain and the poor gay go nothing. The problem could be solved easily by giving an umbrella to the poor one. However, as K.I. mentioned people’s greed is an abyss and never could be full. But actually, our needs are limited. No matter how rich you are, you only need a pair of shoes at the same time. You will not wear ten pairs of shoes because you are ten times rich than others. All these superfluous resources can be given and help others to make a better world.


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