Final Project — J.C.

Here are J.C.’s pictures and descriptions, and my analysis is down below the pictures.

J.C.: The fourth participant is my friend who is a first-year graduate student in the school of engineering as Industrial & Operations Engineering in the Univerisity of Michigan. We both start to study in the Univerisity of Michigan at the same semester. He just graduated from Purdue Univerisity and had more American-knowledge background than many other international graduate students. As an engineering student, he is not too secretive in diversity and social justice, however, by looking around in his school, there are issues of diversity, such as there are more than 40% Chinese students in some engineering majors, not too many black students in his school, etc. I was really interested in how he will reflect on his diversity and social justice issues as an engineering student.

J.C. gave me several pictures and described the comments orally. I will try my best to explain his contenders. He gave he four photographs and showed four issues that he thinks related to his social justice life.

This first picture showed the lower-level class who lives in Beijing, China. They were the migrant workers who helped the build-up of city Beijing. Because these people are not well educated and their living area is really dirty. One unknow-reason fire happened in one of these communities. Now, the government is trying to kick them out from Beijing by telling them their houses are the dangerous buildings, and they have to move out in one day. This is a new excuse from the government to clean up the lower-level migrant workers. But who can know if the government will have a new excuse to clean up us by labeling people, just like the cultural revolution many years ago.

Because of existing of vegetarian, the cafeteria of the Univerisity of Michigan started to make vegan food for those people. The direct effect is the choice of meat food got less and less. It seems right to give vegetarian rights to pick the food they want. However, on the other hand, will this become a new style privilege for vegetarians and take the rights of non-vegetarians, like J.C., away?

People stand in front of the main gate of the RYB Education New World kindergarten in Beijing on November 24, 2017.
Chinese police have launched an investigation into alleged child abuse at a Beijing pre-school after parents said toddlers were apparently jabbed with needles and given mysterious pills, sparking outrage days after another daycare scandal. / AFP PHOTO / NICOLAS ASFOURI (Photo credit should read NICOLAS ASFOURI/AFP/Getty Images)

Child abuse became a hot topic in China now. Many schools were found that the teachers or faculties abused or sexual assault the kids. The public is so angry about this. It makes J.C. worried about his kids in the future. Can we still trust any schools and let our kids get the education from them, without getting any special “educations”?

Based on the new tax reform bill, graduate students need to pay tax for their tuition benefits as income. It is literally saying we do not need higher education in this country. J.C. was considering to get a Ph.d. degree, but now, because of the higher cost, he may need to reconsider the whole thing.