Final Project — B.H.

Here are B.H.’s pictures and descriptions, and my analysis is down below the pictures.

B.H.: The second participant is one of my best friends. I know him because we both worked for the American Red Cross. He is from an upper-middle-class family and was seen as a typical American ordinary boy by me. He just graduated from a local university, Mount St. Joseph University, as public health major. He was a nursing student, but he didn’t like helping people in that way. So, he changed his major because he wants to spread public health knowledge to bigger communities and let more people notice the importance of health. He is now working for, Inc. as a part-time logistic person. Of course,  he wouldn’t just limit himself to a bachelor degree. He will definitely at least get a master degree or higher degree. He told me because he is 26 years old now, he has to take responsibility on his on and should ask money from his parents for the school. He told me as a “single” child was because his older sister was already old enough to stay by herself at that time and didn’t live with the family.

B.H.’s photos show the community that he grew up with and his feeling about his community.

Safety is one of the fundamental rights of the human. These two photos showed a typical white community in American. People live in a beautiful and safe environment.

Kroger is one of the largest fresh food markets in the U.S. It provides tons of food for the communities. You can find Kroger store all around Cincinnati, as the city where the headquarter is.  You can find a Kroger store about every 15 minutes drive. There is one right next to B.H.’s house. It provided many basic needs for the family, such as food and daily necessities. Glad for these goods providers, people can get there needs efficiently.

It is nice for people to have some hospitals and clinics around their community and it will make people feel safer for illness.

Nice shops and markets make the community more sustainable for people to live. People do not have to drive too far away for goods.

Differ from B.I.’s community; some other lower-level communities do no really care about their safety and other things. In their mind, once we have, it is good enough; no more consideration need be mention on such as safety issue. People in these areas usually not care about their life quality. It may be caused by lack of income and resources or lack of time to do the housework, etc.

B.I. took photos to compare the two different but typical communities in the different area in the same city. Privilege is shown in the comparisons of these two communities, such as playgrounds, shops, houses. The vicious circle and the virtuous circle are two processes and results in these two communities. The poor become poorer, and the rich become richer, because of the disparities of the gap among levels. It is very glad that B.I. could notice these disparities. In China, we have an idiom said a frog that long ago lived at the bottom of a well, and he can only see a little tiny part of the sky from the hole of the well. But the frog thinks that is the whole part the sky. If we can not get out from our comfort zone, we cannot see the rest of the world. Then we will become more and more selfish. I took B.H. back to China with me this summer and I think the best way to let people know about others is to let them see by their own eye.

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