Week 12 Dialogue

As we know, social worker values are service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, the importance of the human relationship, and integrity. When we are talking about dialogue, all of these values are fitted with dialogue consistent. The services of social work are empowering the clients to change their own lives. We, as social workers, cannot change someone directly. However, we could encourage themselves to find out what the problems are and give them some suggestions to make some changes on their own. It fits the dialogue consistent perfectly because dialogue admits that other’s thinking can improve one’s own. During the service time, we are searching for strengths and values in other’s position. We are not the people who are defending one’s views against those of others and force the clients to follow our steps because we know that will not work.  Our services also fit with the principles of dialogue that listen without judgment and observe self. Our mistakes, biases, and shortsightedness can sometimes be the most important thing we have to offer to the process of bringing about personal and social change during the dialogue or during our services.

During my social work practice, many of the principles of dialogue are always used. For example, acting as colleagues in the talking structural. There are many times that the atmosphere is not right during people’s talks. Because of many kinds of reasons, the people who are talking are not always on the same level. One or more groups of people may always have some power that allowed them to look down on others. Because of this level and power differences, dialogues are usually to happen. However, for the social work career, you have to set your standard down till it can reach to the clients or others level. When we all stay on the same level, then we can have the trust from each other and ack as colleagues. Another example could be that we should observe self. We are living in a busy world at a busy time. Everyone is too busy to care about themselves internally. We are always focusing on the physical awards that we got, such as money, rewards, reputation. However, because of these physical awards, people usually lose their goals of psychological achievements.

For my own daily life, the principles of dialogue are quite useful as well. The principle said we should focus on learning for interpersonal communication. We all are teachers and learners at the same time. As the Master, Confucius, said, “When I walk along with two others, they may serve me as my teachers. I will select their good qualities and follow them, their bad qualities and avoid them.” Everyone’s time and attention are limited, we could never learn everything in the world before we die. Because everyone has different experiences, there is always something that we could learn from each other. For me, there are too many things that I can learn from others and I can teach others. I shouldn’t limited myself on learn something from such as people who are younger than me or teach something to people who are orlder than me. In that way, we can have more ideas about the world.

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