Week1 Where I’m From (mo’olelo) & Introduction

I am from green tea, from Compass, and gunpowder.
I am from the closed door in the twenty-floor apartment. (Anti-theft, anti-neighbor, and no idea about who is living in the next door)
I am from Bamboo what’s the favorite of pandas.
I am from firecrackers set-off and big family tree, from my mama and baba.
I am from single-child family and filial piety.
I am from Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism.
I am from Jiangsu Province and descendant of the Yan and Huang emperors,
I am from steamed rice and braised pork.
I am from the hoe that my grandfather uses to farm, the vehicle that my dad drives between the construction sites and the wok that my mom uses to cook.
I am a Chinese with 5,000 years of history behind me.

In my cabinet was my album of traveling photos, a bunch of callow faces showed my grow-up. I am from those moments — caught up dragonflies in the farmland — cook meal for the families.

What you hope to learn from this class?
I hope I can learn more about everyone because everyone is different and that is what we called diversity.

What you think you might contribute to this class?
The thing that I will contribute to this class is the more international vision as an international student than some other classmates.

What your understanding of diversity and social justice is (no right or wrong answers)?
I think diversity is the difference between every person. It does need to be a group of people because we can see diversity from every individual when we are compared with others. Social justice is the equity of human rights and civil rights.

How do you think diversity and social justice and social work might be connected?
We all are different but we all need equity of everything, which means we need to find out the social justice with considering diversity.

How will you work on developing a critical consciousness toward issues of diversity and social justice in this class?
There are many lacks of supplies and different treatments among different people because of race, belief, gender, and all other kinds of labels. From all these labels, we can develop the critical consciousness.

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